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MS in Healthcare Informatics

Manage medical data and find success in the healthcare industry with this in-demand degree.

Healthcare organizations and their partners have an unprecedented amount of data due to the adoption of new technologies and improvements in our ability to participate in real-time virtual collaboration, predict physiological trends, monitor patients and track physical activity. Similar advancements have been made in our ability to store enormous amounts of complex patient-sensitive digital information. Healthcare informatics professionals play a critical role in helping their organizations manage and use that information to improve patient care and make their organizations operate more efficiently.

Whether you’re an experienced health professional, involved in health IT or are looking to switch careers, the healthcare informatics field offers a wide range of opportunities to make a difference for patients, medical staff and the entire healthcare field. Our online MS in Healthcare Informatics equips you with the tools you need to advance your career in this increasingly data-driven future.

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What Is Healthcare Informatics?

Healthcare informatics is about helping organizations to not only manage their data more effectively, but improve the quality of care by actively using patient information to operationalize efficiency. Informatics exists for clinical and business purposes, which utilizes system-processes and tools for predicting, collecting, storing, managing and analyzing data.

Using health informatics effectively can also make healthcare professionals’ lives a lot easier. For example, nurses, doctors and the entire clinical team rely on emerging healthcare technologies to better communicate, collaborate and coordinate patient care. Getting the right information to the right person at the right time is essential for good patient outcomes. Informatics is the engine that powers this collaborative data mechanism.

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Online Master’s in Healthcare Informatics Program Overview

Adelphi’s MS in Healthcare Informatics Program provides opportunities to develop key health informatics skills through its unique curriculum and coursework that focuses on hands-on learning and field experiences. The graduates of this program will be able to apply information science and technology solutions to solve health informatics problems, identify strategies that contribute to effective telemedicine program development, analyze how clinicians and patients use technology to improve the quality of care, and interpret the interrelationships between information and health behavior and design and develop modeling solutions for clinical decision-making.
Dr. Hasan Sapci, Assistant Professor

The MS in Healthcare Informatics is designed for working professionals who are motivated to inspire change in the way healthcare is delivered and managed.

By enrolling in the program, you’ll gain knowledge on the effective use of cutting-edge telemedicine and telehealth systems. Additionally, you’ll develop a thorough understanding of how to transform raw medical data into valuable information.

With hands-on exercises and a comprehensive education in health information technology, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your proficiency with different health information systems, such as electronic medical records (EMRs), that are critical to improving patient care around the world.

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Program Benefits

Health Informatics Top-Ranked Program Badge

  • A research laboratory that allows for a hands-on learning experience no matter where you are in the world.
  • Distinguished faculty members with diverse professional backgrounds that provide you with a personalized and supportive learning experience.
  • Expert assistance from dedicated Adelphi faculty and staff when determining a location to complete your practicum.
  • Gain field experience and graduate from a high-ranked school with a strong alumni network and national reputation for excellence.
  • Flexible entrance requirements no matter your experience or background—no GRE required.

Healthcare Informatics Careers

There are many careers that utilize health informatics skills, including both clinical and non-clinical positions. According to Burning Glass, a platform that collects data from job postings, some of the most common health informatics careers include roles like registered nurses and clinical managers as well as more data-centric positions like applications manager and data analysts. The median estimated salary for jobs mentioning health informatics was $74,190 in 2019; for those same roles that mention a master’s degree, the median salary increases to $84,584.

We designed our online healthcare informatics master’s program to be comprehensive and career-focused, ensuring that students graduate with leadership, managerial, technical and analytical skills to advance their careers and enact meaningful change in the healthcare field.

As a result, our program equips graduates with relevant skills for a variety of roles, including:

  • Application Specialist
  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Electronic Health Record Builder
  • Health Informatics Management Director
  • Health IT Support
  • IT Manager
  • Nursing Information Specialist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Web Developer

Who Can Benefit

The online MS in Healthcare Informatics program is geared to individuals with busy professional and personal lives who want to expand their knowledge of health information systems, hone their skills in leveraging healthcare data for decision-making and begin, advance or change careers. Our students have varying educational and professional backgrounds and may have no professional experience in healthcare or technology. They include:

  • Existing health IT professionals (RHIA, RHIT, HIM, etc.)
  • Clinicians (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab techs, etc.)
  • Non-health IT professionals (programmers, analysts, database administrators, etc.)
  • Career changers

About the College of Nursing and Public Health

The Adelphi College of Nursing and Public Health prepares students for careers as qualified caregivers and leaders who are ready to make an impact in their community. We began in 1943 as the School of Nursing and developed a new name in 2013 to support a new vision—combining our hallmark nursing programs with relevant healthcare programs to focus on population health. College of Nursing and Public Health students benefit from a holistic approach to health education that emphasizes community intervention, health maintenance and management, and environmental health.

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