Tobie Langsam

Tobie Langsam

Pronouns: she/her
Current Position: Sport Social Worker in the SCC
Hometown: Massapequa, NY
Favorite Book: The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

What is your career focus?
I specialize in working with athletes. My previous degrees allow me to navigate the fields of mental health and mental performance.

What made you decide to further your education?
I wanted to gain a license and eventually take insurance in private practice.

Why did you select the Online Master of Social Work at Adelphi University?
I was already working at Adelphi, and I appreciate the part-time, online format. In addition, my grandmother has her MSW from Adelphi.

What are your experiences like with faculty, staff and fellow students?
I had so many wonderful interactions with faculty and students that my peers and I created for ourselves as it was an online program. It made meeting everyone in person so much sweeter.

Can you describe an interesting project you worked on in the program?
For my policy courses, I looked at the gender wage gap of sport coaches, but it proved to be a much more complex issue. This led me to look into the macro level of sport policy and investigate how other countries structure sport at the governmental level.

What goals do you hope to achieve from the Online MSW program? In what ways is the OMSW program assisting you in achieving your goals?
My goal had been to attain an LMSW. Now, my new goals are to attain my LCSW and become SIFI certified to eventually take on interns who are interested in specializing in athletes and mental health.

What tips do you have for someone as they begin graduate school?
My tip is to stay organized and communicate with your professors.

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