Citizens currently face a new normal that includes terror threats, both foreign and domestic, as well as increased frequency and strength of weather patterns as the climate changes. The reality is emergencies happen on a regular basis. The uncertainties of today’s society dictate the need for experienced, qualified emergency management professionals.

The field of emergency management offers a wealth of opportunities for those seeking a challenging career playing an important role in keeping others safe. With an Emergency Management graduate degree, you are pursuing a career as an emergency management planner, intelligence analyst, disaster services coordinator, hospital emergency manager, exercise planner, recovery specialist, as well as many other roles.

Emergency Management training programs offer specializations that allow you to study specific topics relevant to your career interests. If you are considering a career in the emergency management field, here are three examples of career paths you could follow:

Homeland Security

If your ambition is to keep the public safe from a wide range of threats, studying emergency management is a great way to achieve your goals. Courses in this field cover past events as well as emerging threats against our personal and national safety. You also explore the efforts to keep citizens protected at every level of government.

Healthcare Emergency Management

Recent Zika, ebola, avian flu and SARS outbreaks are some of the most dangerous infectious diseases the modern world has faced. Studying emergency management gives you the skills you need to respond to emerging infectious diseases, bioterrorism and more. You also learn to provide specialized services and support to those most vulnerable, such as children, the elderly and populations where English is their second language.

Environmental Emergency Management

Many of today’s corporate practices, in conjunction with changes in the climate, have the potential to impact our environment. By studying these hazards in emergency management, you learn how to prevent and mitigate their adverse effects, as well as respond to emergencies when they arise. Whether such emergencies occur due to transportation accidents, faulty manufacturing or simply negligence, you will learn how to help a community plan for, and recover from, these community altering events.

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No matter which path you choose, you can prepare to work on the front lines to keep others out of harm’s way. Whether you’re already working in the field or want to prepare for your next career, degree programs like the MS in Emergency Management from Adelphi’s College of Professional and Continuing Studies are a great way to get started.