Practicum education is a central component of graduate social work programs, teaching students to apply theory and knowledge learned in the classroom to social work practice in agency settings. As an Online MSW student, you will work directly with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities at human service agencies.

Practicum assignments consist of diverse practice opportunities and include conducting face-to-face interviews with clients both individually and in group settings, allowing you to gain exposure to diverse problems and people, including oppressed populations.

As part of this training, you will also work with organizational or community representatives on behalf of clients. Your assignments may include community work, program development, social action or research.

Practicum courses are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Practicum Education Placement Opportunities

Regardless of where you live, our experienced faculty will work with New York State residents and out-of-state residents alike to find an optimal practicum work site. We are affiliated with more than 1,000 human service agencies throughout the New York metropolitan region, including, but not limited to:

  • Child welfare agencies
  • Community centers
  • Detention centers and correctional facilities
  • Domestic violence agencies
  • Mental health clinics
  • Medical and psychiatric hospitals
  • Nursing homes and extended care facilities
  • Residential treatment facilities
  • Schools
  • Substance abuse treatment programs
  • Veteran’s programs
  • Youth service agencies

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How Practicum Education Works

The School of Social Work provides best-in-class practicum education support to students, beginning the planning process with you early in the program. An Online MSW practicum coordinator works closely with you via virtual one-on-one meetings to identify and secure appropriate practicum work in your geographic area.

If you are currently employed by a social service agency, you may apply for an employment-based practicum placement with your organization.

We later assign a faculty practicum liaison to work closely with you, the practicum instructor and the agency to ensure that your practicum training experience meets established educational objectives. The faculty practicum liaison also provides academic advising, and you will meet with your practicum liaison at least once a month.

Prior to your practicum placement, you will be required to complete a practicum orientation where you will have the opportunity to ask the Online MSW program practicum coordinator specific questions.

Time Commitment and Graduate Requirements

The Advanced Standing option for the Online Master’s of Social Work (MSW) students complete their practicum instruction in two semesters, depending on whether you work 15 or 21 hours per week. You must, however, have some daytime availability on weekdays to ensure we can find a field placement for you. You’ll complete a minimum of 475 hours of practicum instruction in advanced, direct social work practice.

MSW Students placed in school settings are required to complete a minimum of 18 hours a week and remain in placement from September through the end of June.

You may have to complete additional hours of practicum instruction or other foundation courses if the BSW program is determined to vary significantly from Adelphi’s foundation curriculum.

For detailed information on how practicum education fits in with the Online MSW course schedule, visit the Curriculum page.

Practicum Education FAQ’s and Resources

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) establishes the minimum standard for the number of hours required to complete the BSW and MSW. Adelphi meets or exceeds these requirements as follows:

Advanced Standing 475 hours

No. The practicum education office at the School of Social Work is responsible for assigning you to a practicum placement. Our practicum education program has long-standing relationships with social work agencies and is responsible for developing all placement sites. We maintain regular contact with agencies regarding student placements. If you want to be placed at a specific agency, submit your request in writing to the practicum education office in Garden City or at one of the off-campus centers. We’ll contact the agency to explore the feasibility of developing this placement.

No. However, there are a few competitive stipend internships available to second-year MSW students. Students who are employed in a human service setting may be eligible for employment-based practicum placement.

The practicum placement focuses on the development of advanced clinical skills and skills for the advanced direct practice with individuals, couples, families and small groups.

The best way to prepare is to attend the mandatory practicum education orientation. This orientation will provide you with the information you need to begin your practicum placement.

No. The program is based on a concurrent curriculum model, where students take practicum instruction along with required courses in social work practice.

No. The practicum education office will work with you to arrange an interview for a practicum placement at an agency that meets your learning needs. If the interview goes well and you and the agency agree that the placement is an appropriate fit, it will be confirmed. If either party has reservations, another interview will be arranged.

Yes. For many placements, a criminal background check is required. Fingerprinting, a physical and PPD (tuberculosis test) or other health requirements may be required. When possible, you will be notified about these requirements in advance. You’re responsible for paying any fees that agencies do not cover.

Any missed hours must be made up.

This type of placement is called an employment-based practicum placement and must be approved by the practicum education office. Approval of an employment-based practicum placement application depends on timely submission of the application and the integrity of the proposed practicum assignment. You must be employed for a minimum of six months in advance in order to be considered for employment-based practicum placement.

No. Hours that count toward licensure must be completed after receiving your MSW.

Yes. You’ll receive a grade of pass, incomplete or fail.

You’re expected to allow approximately 45 minutes of travel time to and from your practicum placement site. Every effort will be made to plan a reasonable commute.

Yes, but evening and/or weekend placements are very limited. Many agencies are either closed or do not have available supervision or suitable assignments during these hours. Typical placement days are Monday–Friday and take place during standard business hours.

For more detailed information about practicum education, contact an enrollment counselor at who can connect you with a Practicum Education officer.
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