Integrative Masters Project: Research Update

The first phase of my project has been to synthesize research related to learning spaces, educational resources, physical and virtual space, learning pedagogy, etc.  It’s been a great opportunity to go back through research we’ve worked on in different classes throughout the program, and apply it to a focused project.

Integrative Masters Project Research Update

In keeping with the open nature of the project, the link above is to a Google Doc with the current (as of 7/20/2014) draft of the research component.  Please note, anyone can view and edit this early draft.  However, as I am developing this as my Integrative Masters Project – I will be primarily responsible for collecting, organizing, editing, and presenting all of this information.  As such, I ask that if you make a correction, addition, change, or other contribution – that you add your name and contact info (email is fine) so that I can credit you should I choose to adopt the change in the final document (at my discretion).  This is a document in process and will be changed significantly before completion.  The final document will be released under a (to be determined) Creative Commons license.

Next week, I will be focused on:

Thanks to all of the program students that filled out the survey!

This article was originally published on July 20, 2014 by Tom Jennings, recent Graduate of the online Masters Program in Educational Technology at Adelphi University.

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