Adelphi Online

Learning Formats at Adelphi

Multiple formats, one goal: student success.

Adelphi offers several course formats:

100% Online: The course is delivered completely online. There are no on-campus requirements.

80%-99% Online: The course is delivered mostly online. Depending on the requirements of a particular course, a maximum of 19% of the course can require on-campus meetings. This on-campus presence is generally used for orientations, exams or final presentations.

Blended: The course is delivered both on-campus and online. In a blended course, 30% – 79% of the course can be delivered online with the remaining on-campus. The blended format is designed for students who prefer a greater amount of face-to-face interaction with the professor and other class members than is found in an online course.

Traditional: Course content is delivered primarily on-campus. Up to 29% of the course may be delivered online.

Our faculty develop engaging, collaborative, media rich courses.

Adelphi’s online and blended courses are carefully designed and taught by highly credentialed, experienced and skilled faculty. Each professor strives to design and develop courses that are engaging, personal, collaborative and media rich.

Adelphi’s Faculty Center for Professional Excellence provides faculty with tremendous resources for gaining knowledge in online teaching strategies, best practices and the use of emerging technologies.

Our quality standards promote student success.

Our online and blended courses are evaluated and approved in the same manner as traditional courses, ensuring that each course meets Adelphi’s rigorous standards of quality. Courses are also designed to meet the standards outlined in the Quality Matters Rubric provided by the Quality Matters Higher Education Program, a nationally recognized program designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components.

delphi also maintains course quality and promotes student success by instituting small class sizes. Each online course enrolls a maximum of twenty-five students.

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