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RN vs BSN: What’s the Difference?

One lesson that many of us have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is just how essential nurses are to saving lives and helping people during even the most challenging crises. Over the past several decades, the healthcare field has undergone many changes as providers embraced innovative treatment methods and digital… Read more >

Master’s in Clinical Nutrition vs Master’s in Nutrition

A visit to the doctor’s office usually includes a request to list the medications you take. But soon, the doctor may also ask you to list the foods you eat. For millennia we have been curious about how foods affect the ways we think, feel and heal. In the last… Read more >

The Top Key Issues in the Future of Sports Administration

You know the ins and outs of your favorite sports: the rules, the stats and the histories. While many aspects of the games stay constant, advances in technology and shifts in funding are transforming how professional leagues and collegiate athletic associations function. And for anyone who’s considering a career in… Read more >

Choosing Between a Master’s in Homeland Security vs. a Master’s in Emergency Management

In hazardous situations like wildfires raging across California, people around the world falling ill to a new viral strain or a violent plot threatening civilians, strategic decision-making saves lives. Organizations rely on experts who anticipate these dangers and act to mitigate crises. By learning to implement best practices for emergency… Read more >

Social Workers in Healthcare: How They Make a Difference

For over 100 years, there has been an unsung hero in the medical field: the healthcare social worker. In her 1930 address, Ida Cannon, a pioneer of the practice, stated, “The medical social movement service recognizes that there should be within the hospital… someone definitely assigned to represent the patient’s… Read more >

Choosing Between a Master’s in Counseling vs. Master’s in Social Work

Social workers and counselors provide their clients with more than basic support and guidance— for some, the social workers who helped them through challenging moments have become key sources of feeling safe, secure and happy. People working in both social work and counseling are often motivated by a common goal:… Read more >

Career Options with a Master of Social Work Degree

Social work is all about listening to the stories of both individual clients and those of society, and helping to form solutions for complex social problems. Yet the ways in which social workers can do that are countless. They can help people deal with any number of medical, psychological, development… Read more >

The Growing Field of Social Work and the Top MSW Career Paths

Tweet Demand for social workers is projected to grow 16 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. If you’re interested in a career in social work, a Master of Social Work could expand your job opportunities and help you get into a… Read more >

MA in Educational Technology Careers and Industry Outlook

If you went back in time to the release of the Atari and told people that video games would become powerful teaching tools, they would probably have some serious doubts. Yet we’ve now seen that games like Minecraft can be used to engage students in the classroom, as well as… Read more >

Careers with an MS in Nutrition

As most people are aware, many major health problems can be linked to poor nutrition, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, and osteoporosis. And, these problems aren’t limited to a small number of people: According to the CDC, about half of all American adults have one or more preventable… Read more >

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