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Healthcare Informatics

    Going Beyond Informatics with Health Analytics

    27 May, 2021

    Healthcare data is a powerful resource that can deepen understanding of patients’ needs and reveal ways to improve healthcare organizations and policies. The amount of patient data available will grow rapidly as organizations collect more and more patient details and embrace advanced solutions in imaging and analytics. With evidence and… Read more >

    Top Skills for Health Informatics Professionals During the Pandemic and Beyond

    29 April, 2021

    The massive volume of digital information generated and collected in healthcare facilities continues to grow as providers and other organizations strive to make better use of data, improve patient care and lower costs. Electronic health records (EHR) brought organizations wider access to detailed information that can be updated more frequently…. Read more >

    Benefits of Informatics in Nursing

    24 April, 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic shows us that nurses’ work is both vitally important and highly demanding. A career in this essential field means routinely working long hours on the front lines in hospitals, doctors’ offices, long-term care facilities and homes, completing a wide range of complex tasks with potentially life-altering implications…. Read more >

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