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    MA in Educational Technology Careers and Industry Outlook

    15 March, 2021

    If you went back in time to the release of the Atari and told people that video games would become powerful teaching tools, they would probably have some serious doubts. Yet we’ve now seen that games like Minecraft can be used to engage students in the classroom, as well as… Read more >

    Computational Thinking Resources

    9 April, 2020

    We were invited to talk to the teachers in Lynbrook Schools about Computational Thinking and Computer Science for All. They are already doing a lot of great things, and it was very nice to meet them. Here’s the short collection of links we put together for them. National & Regional Organizations These… Read more >

    Ed Tech Student Wins 2nd Place and $25k in Hackathon

    3 November, 2018

    Adelphi Ed Tech’s very own Stan Bogdanov recently took home the $25,000 second place prize in NYC’s First Hospital ‘Hackathon’ organized by New York Presbyterian Hospital. Second place ($25,000 prize): Team name: Bogney; Application name: “Intermed.” This two-man team aimed to address the isolation and anxiety many patients face while in the hospital… Read more >

    Featured Alumni: Ariel Fleurimond

    3 November, 2018

    Ariel Fleurimond is an instructional designer at Columbia University. She has an M.A. in Educational Technology and an M.A. in Art Education, both from Adelphi University. She also has a B.A. in Psychology, and minors in Computer Applications and Web Programming and General Education from NYU. She graduated with her degree… Read more >

    Featured Alumni: Katy Auchter

    3 November, 2018

    Katy Auchter works as an instructional designer at NYU after previously creating multimedia language learning materials at Pearson. She moved to New York from Milwaukee to pursue the M.A. in Educational Technology, where she also worked as an instructional design intern at Adelphi’s FCPE. Katy received the Dean’s award for outstanding graduate… Read more >

    Featured Alumni: Nafiza Akter

    3 November, 2018

    Nafiza Akter is an instructional designer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has an M.A. in Educational Technology and B.A. in Psychology, both from Adelphi University. She graduated in 2013. What was your experience at Adelphi’s EdTech Program? One of the best things about the program is that… Read more >

    Integrative Masters Project: Final Document

    3 November, 2018

    Linking Physical and Virtual Learning Environments Integrative Masters Project Final Document (Released August 31, 2014) Access as a PDF file: Linking Physical and Virtual Learning Environments About the Project How do we design a 21st Century learning environment that is responsive to the constantly evolving technology landscape and needs of its community… Read more >

    Integrative Masters Project: Research Update

    3 November, 2018

    The first phase of my project has been to synthesize research related to learning spaces, educational resources, physical and virtual space, learning pedagogy, etc.  It’s been a great opportunity to go back through research we’ve worked on in different classes throughout the program, and apply it to a focused project…. Read more >

    Integrative Masters Project: Survey & Virtual Resources

    3 November, 2018

    Survey & Interviews Researching current trends and best practices is important, but the practical application of a plan really requires tailoring to meet the realities you are working with.  To that end, I’ve been piecing together an assessment of the current state of the program’s resources. To gain insight into… Read more >

    Ed Tech Studio tackles income inequality

    3 November, 2018

    The Educator’s Multimedia Studio is a capstone course that asks students to build on the skills they acquired in their prior coursework (e.g., Programming, Digital Literacies) and apply it towards a semester-long multimedia project. Each semester, the course has a unique theme that reflects a contemporary social concern. Students read… Read more >

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